Big Buttons Cordless Phones

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Alcatel XL385 Voice

The phone with an answering machine that puts comfort first.
49.99€ incl tax

BigTel 1201

Additional handset with charging station
44.99€ incl tax

BigTel 1202

Cordless telephone with several comfort features and additional handset
89.99€ incl tax

BigTel 1280

Amplified cordless Phone with Digital Answering Machine
59.99€ incl tax

PowerTel 2701

PowerTel 2701 Silver
59.99€ incl tax

PowerTel 2702

PowerTel 2702 Silver
179.99€ incl tax

PowerTel 2780

PowerTel 2780 Silver HF AM
89.99€ incl tax

Swissvoice Xtra Photo 8155

Additional DECT handset with 4 photo memories and charger
49.90€ incl tax